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The Club

South Dorset mountain Bike club started life around 1988 as Weymouth mountain bike club. We have evolved into South Dorset Mountain Bike Club (SDMBC) as a our membership has grown to cover a wider area. We organise club rides every Tuesday evening throughout the year, regardless or weather or daylight.
Rides are timed to last approximatly 2 hours, meeting at 7:00 pm, with a start time of 7:10. Be on time- we do not wait. Normally rides are around 12 miles, but may be as long as 20 miles. Rides are normally 90% off road, covering tracks and bridal ways. many hills,which mean fast down hills and unfortunatlly this also means lots of up hills. We are not excessivly fast, but we are not slow!- we will wait at points along the ride for riders to catch up.

In the winter months we ride with lights, and we have been doing this for almost as long as the club has been going, which makes us one of the first clubs in the country to do night rides! as long as your lights last at least 2 hours then they will do - the brighter the better.


Up coming rides

25 th  December  Nothing planned
1 st  January  Nothing Planned
8 th  January  Dorchester
15 th  January  Portesham
22 nd  January  Milborne St Andrew
29 th  January  Wareham

We are affiliated to British Cycling

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